How mobile devices will influence hospitality in the future ?
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Mobile technology has the potential to make many things in today's hotel room significantly different, if not obsolete. In the near-future, you could be interacting with your hotel room in ways you haven't even thought about – all because of your mobile device. And since many of these technologies are already available to implement in your hotel, it's only a matter of time.

A mobile device has emerged as a crucial detachable wing for most of us; we can't seem to function without it, mainly if we've got a Smartphone. It enables us to control our homes, work, make restaurant reservations, be our navigator, book our flight tickets, control month-to-month budgets and so on. Now hoteliers around the world have increased their budget on technological innovation.

So how are mobile devices influencing the future of hospitality?

Improving the bandwidth of the hotel

Hotel marketers can stop worrying about outdated printed material in each room. Guests can scan a QR code using their mobile device and learn the latest happenings at the hotel and in the area. Hotels only have to update one thing when there is a change – the web page.

Implementing seamless check-ins and mobile keys

Hotels are now enabling online check-ins so that guests can check in before they arrive and their keys would be ready. Mobile keys shall also help make the guest experience more convenient by being able to open the room doors simply with their Smartphone. No more having to remember where you kept your keys, or to keep the mobile and key card in different pockets.

Creating a more personal rapport

When guests use their SmartPhones as a medium to respond to a hotel, a hotel can greatly benefit in knowing their guests better by listening to their online feedback. Learn about the guest’s preferences; offer them special privileges or discounts based on the drinks they prefer or the restaurant that they like. If a guest gives any constructive feedback about the hotel online, respond and act as fast as you can. This shall validate to the guest that the hotel cares and listen to them.

Tech-Savvy rooms

We are a complete tech savvy world and we want our hotels to offer the same: Smart rooms which can be accessed via a tab or a mobile app, TV’s which have a usb drive so that you can use it to charge your phone, play your music, or even watch a movie, wireless charging stations etc. Hotels are also offering all in one systems so that lights, temperatures, music, etc can all be managed with a tab or mobile.

The technological aspect of the hotel industry is changing significantly and the mobile is something that is seriously impacting its future course. The mode of paying the bills, wireless charging systems, less printed material, online personalized services all are the effects of the SmartPhone impact. Hotels need to move with the times and ensure they are meeting the technological requirements of their guests.

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