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Ortez E-Menu - A revolutionary contactless guest experience in the making for the hospitality sector.

Ortez Infotech, a sought-after ERP company from Kochi, has been trending in the hospitality sector with the introduction of their new product- E-menu, which provides a contactless guest experience, which has brought about a revolution in the market.

Ortez E-Menu has been first introduced as a solution for contactless guest experience in the hospitality sector during the COVID pandemic. The Ortez E-Menu for restaurants makes it easier for customers to place orders from their own devices, be it a smartphone or a tablet, making it safer and more convenient for the customers. The main feature of the E-menu is that it doesn't require any additional app or feature to download.

With the Ortez E-Menu, customers can scan the QR code and browse the Restaurant menu and hotel services. Customers can order directly from their devices, eliminating the need for printed menus and waiting for captains to take orders. It also allows shared orders between friends or family at the same table. Furthermore, customers can place takeaway orders and pay the bills through online payment modes without having to wait in a queue at the counter, making the whole process a lot faster and easier.

With this latest product introduced by Ortez Infotech, customers can now view and access hotel services through their devices. They can scan the QR code directly from their room to use the room service facility from their room from check-in to check-out.

The adoption of e-menu by hotels/resorts is a crucial step towards modernizing the industry and meeting the ever-evolving demands of guests. The benefits of this technology are clear, from improved guest experiences to increased operational efficiency and cost savings. Its an investment that hotels should seriously consider to stay competitive in today's rapidly changing market, says John Varghese - Managing Director of Ortez Infotech Pvt. Ltd



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When we wanted to place a hotel management software we came across Ortez Infotech Pvt. Ltd who provides completely integrated solutions for the hospitality business. Their sales team came up with all the right solutions that we wanted and their service engineer installed and configure the software in such a way that our requirements are completely satisfied and ensured that our team was trained to make use of all the features of the software. Moreover they are available for any support that we need anytime.

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