POS systems. Need for security audit in POS systems
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The location where your customer pays for products or services at your shop is a point-of-sale device or POS. Simply put, they complete a point of sale transaction at any time a customer shops. It is the center where all including distribution, retail, and customer management. POS is the central complement to your business. We find that 56% of single-store retailers still use only one as obvious as the advantages of a POS device are. We found, instead, that many still use a mix of the bookkeeping manual processes, check registers, Quickbooks and Excel. And why didn't retailers go to POS yet? First of all, it may be scary and daunting to introduce the latest technologies – particularly technology that is essential to your business. The adverse effects of not getting a POS must be taken into account by retailers.

Most POS systems are not self-sufficient systems. We integrate with other systems such as CRM, accounting, warehousing, stock storage, and data backups to provide end-users such as retailers, restaurants, and hospitality service providers with a complicated service.

POS system facing two major threats. They are data leakage and data theft. Data leak specifically threatens the company by both regulatory fines while data modifications or losses lead to incorrect business decisions and the weakening of the marketplace. Generally, any amount of data or modifications in data leads to a perceived disadvantage for the competitors and gives them the upper hand. The POS device malfunction or the inability to collect POS data is close to the loss of data.

How will threats be greatly reduced?

A thorough review of applications dealing with confidential data is best performed to effectively minimize the risk associated with improper data handling. The test must be performed from the point of view of architecture (to reveal essential and unprotected parts which represent major vulnerabilities), and from the point of view of source code (to reveal an error in the application logic and sensitive operations such as authentication and authorization). The review resulted in a series of guidelines as to how the whole network of confidential data should be hardened. Once the fixes are finished, a penetration test is required to prove that all the fixes are made correct.

It is necessary to note that a security audit is not a war of auditors and developers. Cooperation is then required to achieve better performance, better implementation, and better ecosystems. It is easier to take hackers ahead of time by testing them and defend the company's properties from being stolen or misused, rather than being a breach list entry

Need for POS security

POS safety is difficult because of the number of threats identified as well as unknown, and because of the interest of cybercriminals in the POS system data. Moreover, as new POS malware is constantly developed or patched the number of threats facing POS systems continues to grow. Given these challenges, businesses especially retail companies, hospitality, food services, or those that depend heavily on POS systems should make POS protection a priority as such systems handle delicate customer data and can be extremely costly, both physically and in terms of damage to the business' reputation, infringing customer payment details. Therefore businesses will significantly reduce their risk of having a costly POS accident with initiatives for the safety of POS and transaction systems and by educating staff in POS security policies.

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