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As per government rules after the COVID-19 outbreak, it has become apparent that, apart from maintaining high levels of health and hygiene, restaurants cannot use items handled by different customers as the virus can live on the surface. So for a safe dining experience for your guests, it is best to choose an Contactless menu platform for your restaurants and bars.

The Ortez E-Menu for restaurants makes it easier for the customer to place orders from their own device, be it a smartphone or a tablet. Nowadays people cannot be kept away from technology and they want to get faster service ready at their fingertips. Investing in the Ortez E-Menu is one of the most effective ways to maintain your existing customers and to attract new ones ensuring COVID 19 safety protocols.

By scanning a QR code, guests can order from your restaurant through an online menu. This simplified solution does not require any additional download and can work on any smartphone or tablet. What is more, the ordering platform can be integrated with a payment gateway to enable the contactless settlement of restaurant bills too.



Ortez Dine-in Orders

Ortez Take- away order

Ortez e-menu offers a unique take away ordering system that is totally different from other systems. customers can easily order the items using a common QR code displayed in your restaurant or hotels. The take-away ordering system is a time saving and highly efficient process. Thus Ortez makes your takeaway ordering procedure faster and helps you to easily expand your business.

  • Highly efficient solution
  • Scanning QR code guests reduce long queues at the counterss
  • Time saving process ensuring better turnaround time and customer satisfaction