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How would you like to get paid for your products/services on the go? No follow-up calls, no payment reminders – just close the deal then and there! Our POS Mobile application allows you to do just that.

This can play a big role in retaining customer loyalty, which will effectively translate into profitability. The ORTEZ GENIE system also allows you to increase the geographical scope of your business, moving away from conventional retail, allowing you to do business almost anywhere.

Keep pace with technology and use our POS Mobile Van sales Application, considered one of the best ORTEZ GENIE systems in India, to drive sales in different environments. ORTEZ GENIE hardware includes your smartphone, tablet, or any wireless device that will serve as your portable cash register, ensuring conversions for you and convenience for your customers.

It’s just a small investment, but the benefits you reap make it a worthwhile one!



POS Outlet Management

POS Order Taking and Billing

  • Generate KOT for each outlets with table number and captain name
  • KOTS can be printed direct to kitchen
  • Edit& cancel KOTs based on user rights
  • Hotel Billing Software : Easy conversion of KOTs to Bills and partial billing of KOTs
  • Advance receipts for restaurant sales and refund
  • Partial billing of pending Tables
  • Apply discount on bills and set different payment option in bill
  • Option for complimentary bill payment and for later settlement of bill
  • Rate revision for daily rate changing items
  • Bill settlement from pending bills
  • Set permissions for edit and cancel bills
  • Set location wise KOT numbering
  • Direct billing from KOT
  • Bill from different outlets with same login
  • Pre-printed and plain stationery for bills
  • Separate bill serial for cash and credit

Inventory Management

  • Define Item groups for group wise monitoring of inventory along with sub-groups
  • Define any number of items under each sub group
  • Assign each item to a predefined store
  • Set min level, max level, reorder level and reorder quantity
  • Activate and deactivate an item whenever required.
  • Define delivery schedules to be set in purchase orders
  • Additional charges applicable in purchases can be defined
  • Discount on purchase bills can be applied

Procurement and Management

  • Record and compare quotations
  • Discount, tax and net rate comparison in quotations
  • Revise existing quotations maintaining history
  • Generate purchase orders either directly or from quotations
  • Purchase invoices can be posted to generate material receipt reports
  • Different modes of purchases direct, quotation based or purchase order based
  • Purchase returns

Stock Management

  • Stores requests from various departments
  • Stores issue to various departments
  • Return of material issued to various departments
  • Set opening stock of inventory for various stores
  • Transfer of inventory between stores
  • Physical verification of inventory
  • Declare damaged inventory

Food costing

The key to success is a selling price that achieves your profit target and the integrated food costing module of INNfinthotel management software helps your dream come true. The tool calculates and optimizes on the menu cost taking into consideration various factors including the target category.

The recipes are always calculated at the current price to provide costing based on recipe ensuring accuracy. Consumption based costing and issue based costing are some of the additional features integrated into our POS hotel management softwareto help you manage food costing better.

The recipe costing delivers the accurate price by calculating the cost of recipes, sub-recipes and the labour cost and materials involved. Offering profound and penetrating insight into your business, the food costing module incorporated into ORTEZ POS for hotels encourages you to take tactical decisions thereby streamlining your performance.



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