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Restaurant Management may not be rocket science, but it’s hard work that requires many processes to function in synchrony for the restaurant to succeed. Attempting to implement all processes manually will impact your bottom line, because customer service and guest satisfaction will be compromised.

An efficient Restaurant Management software designed to help you operate your restaurant more efficiently and profitably, is the need of the hour. If you’re looking to reduce mismanagement of inventory, costs and improve functionality to maximise profits, this is a worthwhile investment that will generate significant ROI.

The Ortez POS is used successfully at over 200 restaurants across three continents. It’s user-friendly interface, coupled with scalable design and custom add-ons is perfect for hotels with restaurants, as well as stand-alone restaurants and food courts with single/multi-outlet operations. You can count on stable performance and unmatched support from the Ortez team to ensure your restaurant is a success.



POS Outlet Management Software

Kitchen Order Tickets and Billing Software

KOTs can be generated with table number and captain name, and printed direct to kitchen. Order modification/cancellation can be done based on user rights.

  • Billing Software: Easy conversion of KOTs to Bills and partial billing of KOTs
  • Advance receipts for restaurant sales and refund
  • Partial billing of pending tables
  • Apply discount on bills and set different payment option in bill
  • Option for complimentary bill payment and for later settlement of bill
  • Rate revision for daily rate changing items
  • Bill settlement from pending bills
  • Set permissions for edit and cancel bills
  • Set location-wise KOT numbering
  • Direct billing from KOT
  • Bill from different outlets with same login
  • Pre-printed and plain stationery for bills
  • Separate bill serial for cash and credit

Restaurant Inventory Management

This helps efficiently monitor inventory and stock levels, by categorising items into groups and sub-groups and assigning each item to a predefined store.

  • Set minimum and max levels and easily reorder levels and quantity
  • Activate and deactivate an item whenever required
  • Define delivery schedules to be set in purchase orders
  • Additional charges applicable in purchases can be defined
  • Discount on purchase bills can be applied

Procurement and Management

This automated restaurant software module enables you to record and compare quotations, including discount/tax/net rate comparison, as well as revise existing quotations maintaining history.

  • Generate purchase orders directly or from quotations
  • Purchase invoices can be posted to generate material receipt reports
  • Different modes of purchases: direct, quotation-based or purchase-order based
  • Purchase returns

Stock Management

Reduce manual effort and efficiently manage stores requests/issue from and to various departments, as well as updating stock accordingly.

  • Set opening stock of inventory for various stores
  • Transfer of inventory between stores
  • Physical verification of inventory
  • Declare damaged inventory

Food Costing

The integrated food-costing module of the restaurant management software helps calculate and optimise the cost of each dish, taking into account various factors, including the target market.

  • Recipe-based costing calculated at current price, including labour & material
  • Calculations can be done on consumption-based costing and issue-based costing too
  • Helps with cost and performance analysis, based on which you can make tactical decisions

Kitchen Display System

KOTs are conveniently displayed on a monitor or a Touch POS system, helping you speed up delivery and increase customers satisfaction. Eliminate KOT printer costs and unexpected malfunction.

  • Track cooking and preparation times when they’ve started or been completed
  • Quickly and easily close orders by swiping them away
  • View old tickets and reopen them if necessary
  • Order Status indicated by colour codes
  • View a quick summary of all items currently in progress
  • Audible alert when a new ticket arrives


E-menus facilitate Tabletop Ordering from tablets and provision for guests to add description & modifiers to each item, eliminating need for waiters; bills are generated directly from the order.

  • Additional income for restaurants with provision to display third party ads on tablets
  • Customer-oriented features to improve convenience of placing orders
  • Integrated with POS, thereby facilitating easy billing
  • Promotions, Happy Hours are automatically updated to e-Menu
  • In hotels, guests can place orders directly to Kitchen without calling Room Service

Financial Accounting

Track your restaurant’s revenue and expenditure using our integrated financial accounting module, which provides real-time data and analysis, facilitating intelligent decisions to achieve targets.

  • Streamlines sales and performance data and offers customised business suggestions
  • In-depth analysis of room revenue, average stay duration, agent commission among etc.
  • Integrates all tools, services and connectivity options to ensure optimal performance
  • Generates drilled-down reports to enable financial forecasting and future planning


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Send us an email or give us a call and we will arrange a consultation right away.

We take time to understand the scope of your business, your challenges and shortcomings. We will give you a demo of the services we offer and how you will benefit from them.

Once you’ve decided on the solutions and modules that work best for you, our technical team will do the needful to integrate the software at Your Location and train all members of your team to use the system efficiently. You can also depend on us for prompt after-sales service.