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Petals Resorts situated near Vythiri-Thariode in the Wayanad district of Kerala provides a premier hospitality experience that harmoniously blends with the picturesque natural setting. Enveloped by the Banasura Hills, our resort offers guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature without the presence of artificial luxuries. Featuring a selection of 20 elegantly designed rooms, including Contemporary Rooms, Heritage Rooms, Leisure Rooms, and Royal Rooms, our resort offers a diverse range of accommodations to suit your preferences. We seamlessly integrate high-end contemporary amenities into the mountainside, allowing guests to connect with the local flora and fauna on a profound level.

When we sought a property management system to streamline our operations, Ortez PMS emerged as the standout choice due to its competitive pricing and comprehensive functionality. Since May 2015, we have harnessed various modules of Ortez PMS, including Front Office, POS, Inventory Management, Accounts, to efficiently manage our 20-room resort.

We greatly appreciate Ortez PMS's continuous innovation, which not only saves us time but also supports our revenue-generating capabilities. Year after year, we improve our efficiency in serving our guests, thanks to this user-friendly system that empowers us with greater control over our operations.

The timely and dependable support services, along with valuable upgrades in the software, have earned our utmost appreciation. Ortez PMS's user-friendly interfaces facilitate easy access to essential information, transforming the way we engage with our esteemed guests.

We are extremely satisfied with the Ortez PMS software's performance, as it fulfills all our requirements and contributes significantly to our success.

We would highly recommend Ortez PMS hotel management software to streamline their operations and provide better guest experience.


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Nibu James, General Manager, CHANDY'S WINDY WOODS

August 08, 2023

Since 2014, we have been using different modules of Ortez PMS, such as Front Office, CRS, Accounts, Inventory, Housekeeping, Laundry Management, and POS to manage our 48 rooms & restaurants.

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Sachin K Jose, General Manager, Greenberg

December 06, 2022

We have been using Ortez PMS Hotel Management Software from Ortez Infotech Pvt Ltd for more than 8 years now.

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Suresh Babu, General Manager, Indeevara

August 31, 2022

We suggest the service of this company for all hotels & restaurants.

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June 22, 2023

Our hotel has been using Ortez PMS Hotel Management Software since its opening in 2010 to automate our day to day operations.

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